Collecting Challenge, 1952 Bowman, Post Two

1952 Bowman #11 Ralph Kiner

1952 Bowman #11 Ralph Kiner

With over half of the set completed it has become more difficult to find bulk lots of cards that don’t include numerous (usually over half) duplicates to my collection. Time will tell if I find any more.

Not one to do nothing I decided to begin buying more of the star cards in the mean time. These cards usually are not included in bulk lots anyway (it’s usually just commons) and these star card purchases will bide the time until another lot comes my way.

The first of these purchases became the #11 card in the set. I found the Hall of Fame Ralph Kiner at COMC for $15.00. It was in good shape and should look pleasing alongside all the other cards on the wall.

With the Kiner card it brings the count up to 145 cards. (145/252,  57.54%)

Collecting Challenge, 1952 Bowman, Post One

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