The Collectors Choice Magazine by Upper Deck, Was It Ever Made?

1991 Upper Deck The Collector's Choice Magazine Offer Card

1991 Upper Deck The Collector’s Choice Magazine Offer Card

I came across some advert cards (see above) in a box of random 91 UD baseball, and 90-91 UD hockey, that I bought off a guy recently. On these cards it advertises that you could get Upper Deck’s first premiere issue of something called The Collectors Choice Magazine. All you had to do was send in this card after you filled out your address etc. on the reverse of the card.

With the popularity of Upper Deck cards at the time (1991) I would assume many people sent in these cards to get the free magazine. Yet looking all over the internet I can’t find one listing or sales offer for this magazine. Did Upper Deck actually print this magazine and distribute it to those who filled out and sent in the card?

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