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Jose Altuve At the Plate

Jose Altuve At the Plate

It’s time to start picking up Jose Altuve cards. Altuve can no longer be thought of as a man playing above his talent or experience. With his first Gold Glove award this past season, Altuve has now shown he is a force both at the plate and in the field. All-Star appearances, Silver Slugger Awards, batting titles and numerous stolen bases makes Altuve the premiere second sacker in the American League, if not all of baseball.

Jose Altuve At the Bag

Jose Altuve At the Bag

When Altuve began as a starting second baseman in his second year in the majors he has done nothing but produce. Each year there was improvement, and his last two years have been All-Star calibre. Doing well this early in his career bodes well for the 25 year old. A good year early in one’s career is noteworthy, having your first four years as a starter be eye-catching, is rare. Most who do this, barring injuries and a Dale Murphy style loss of talent, end up with a serious shot at Hall of Fame entry.

If we compare Altuve to two recent Hall of Fame second basemen, Roberto Alomar and Craig Biggio, he compares well with the former and outshines the latter:

Altuve Comparisons

Altuve - 1st Yr..276.297.35726/127/310/1/2
Altuve - 2nd Yr..290.340.39980/3733/1134/4/7
Altuve - 3rd Yr..283.316.36364/5235/1331/2/5
Altuve - 4th Yr..341.377.45385/5956/947/3/7
Altuve - 5th Yr..313.353.45986/6638/1340/4/15
Alomar - 1st Yr..266.328.38284/4124/624/6/9
Alomar - 2nd Yr..295.347.37682/5642/1727/1/7
Alomar - 3rd Yr..287.340.38180/6024/727/5/6
Alomar - 4th Yr..295.354.43688/6953/1141/11/9
Alomar - 5th Yr..310.405.427105/7649/927/8/8
Biggio - 1st Yr..211.254.35014/56/16/1/3
Biggio - 2nd Yr..257.336.40264/6021/321/2/13
Biggio - 3rd Yr..276.342.34853/4225/1124/2/4
Biggio - 4th Yr..295.358.37479/4619/624/4/4
Biggio - 5th Yr..277.378.36996/3938/1532/3/6
2010 Bowman Chrome #BCP137 Jose Altuve

2010 Bowman Chrome #BCP137 Jose Altuve

It is time to start picking up Altuve’s 2010 prospect cards, and 2011 RCs. The best ones are in 2010 Bowman Chrome (the main set card and the colored refractors).


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