Collecting Challenge, 1952 Bowman, Post Four

1952 Bowman #4 Robin Roberts

1952 Bowman #4 Robin Roberts

The next Bowman card that I ordered from COMC came in. It continues my purchases of the more sought after Hall of Fame players in the set as I wait until another bulk purchase of the commons shows up on eBay or various other auction sites.

Last time I picked up the Dodger great Pee Wee Reese, this time I moved to the pitching mound and grabbed the Phillies great Robin Roberts. It’s in better shape than the Reese card and I only paid $16.75. Numbered four in the set, it leaves only Yogi Berra and Minnie Minoso remaining to finished the first ten cards in the set.

It also moves the total cards I now have to 147 (147/252 58.33%).

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