Collecting Challenge, 1952 Bowman, Post Six

Aquisitions, Apr. 26th, 2017

It has been awhile since I last updated readers about the progress of my collecting of the 1952 Bowman set. Many changes have occurred which delayed purchases from this iconic set. My wife and I had a new baby to take care of, and we also moved into a larger domicile because of it.

We have settled in and the baby has now become an 11 month old toddler. My man cave has also increased in size, being the basement of the new house instead of a smaller office in the old place. All the expenses that are involved in moving have now been taken care of and I had a bit of disposable income to spend on cards.

Instead of the usual places to find the cards (eBay, COMC, Kijiji), which are difficult to use when wanting to buy in groups rather than individual cards. It seems every lot of 1952 Bowman listed on eBay, for example, include more cards that I have than cards that I don’t.

Lately, I have been visiting an active forum over at Blowout Cards which resulted in a private purchase from one of the members there. He had numerous doubles of 1952 Bowman that he was looking to sell. Of them, 15 were not in my collection. I purchased the lot for $52.00. They were in the lower end of the grade scale (most in good) but that is to my liking as I am a man on a budget. The man was even nice enough to throw in a 16th card (a double of card #175 Ransom Jackson) that I can use in a future trade.

With more room on the wall to display the progress of my collection, I added a poster I created of the full set as a visual reference. It makes the wall just a bit cooler to look at.

1952 Bowman, The New Wall


1952 Bowman, The New Wall 2


The 15 cards I received are the following:

  • #15 – Sam Mele
  • #19 – Bob Cain
  • #66 – Sal Maglie
  • #85 – Marty Marion
  • #95 – Luke Easter
  • #163 – Johnny Lipton
  • #168 – Preacher Roe
  • #170 – Joe Astroth
  • #171 – Mel Queen
  • #175 – Ransom Jackson
  • #179 – Pete Suder
  • #212 – Solly Hemus
  • #214 – Ray Boone
  • #228 – Bob Chipman
  • #231 – Dee Fondy

With these 15 cards my collection has increased to 163 of 252 total cards, or 64.68%.

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