The Man Cave

I moved recently into a bigger place which allowed me to set up a man cave in the basement. Men, with their man caves, all have different ideas on what they want it to look like. Some look at their card collections as decoration in a more socially livable room. Between the wall displays of cards and jerseys, there are couches. bars, video game and television set ups and some even have exercise equipment.

Myself I have forgone this type of man cave and concentrated all the space toward card collecting, trading and displaying. The walls are used for display of cards and magazines, with a concentration on displaying current collecting endeavors. Presently that is 1952 Bowman Baseball, and One quality card for each member of the Baseball Hall of Fame.

I have my desk and laptop in one corner leaving the center of the room for an island dedicated to tradable cards. No more rooting through stacks of 5000 ct. boxes, they now are all open and side-by-side for east rummaging. This saves so much time when putting together trades for shipping.

The rest of the space is for shelving binders full of card sets, factory sets, boxes and other miscellany. All in all the space allows organization, it is very functional. As to its ascetic appeal. I will leave it up to the reader to decide.

The Hall of Fame Challenge, Post Six

It has been awhile since I posted on this collection. Mostly because of a new baby arriving and a move to a larger place of residence. But now that all the upheaval has settled I can continue where I left off.

With the move, I now have a larger space for my man cave. This led me to change the way I am collecting the HOF cards. With so much space I was able to dedicate two walls to showing off the HOF cards I have, and even the ones I don’t, well empty screw-downs with the names printed on them anyway.

Before, with limited space, I decided to go year by year in order from the newest members back to the original five. This saved space as I just needed to put up the year or two I was working on, adding only as I purchased or traded for more cards in the order. But now with the whole HOF players fitting on the two walls, I can be more flexible.

I added the cards I had of the players who I didn’t reach yet in the reverse chronological order I was using at the old place including ones that are mostly jut placeholders until I purchase a better representative card.

I now can look for cards from every year which will lead, I assume, to finding better deals on cards as no specific order needs to be adhered to. I will still try for a player’s first card until it becomes too expensive for my budget whereby I will look for alternatives.

Here are some images of the new wall. As you will see there are many empty screw-downs. But it makes the challenge much more fun as you can see the collection’s development each time you enter the room.


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