The Hall of Fame Challenge, Post Six

It has been awhile since I posted on this collection. Mostly because of a new baby arriving and a move to a larger place of residence. But now that all the upheaval has settled I can continue where I left off.

With the move, I now have a larger space for my man cave. This led me to change the way I am collecting the HOF cards. With so much space I was able to dedicate two walls to showing off the HOF cards I have, and even the ones I don’t, well empty screw-downs with the names printed on them anyway.

Before, with limited space, I decided to go year by year in order from the newest members back to the original five. This saved space as I just needed to put up the year or two I was working on, adding only as I purchased or traded for more cards in the order. But now with the whole HOF players fitting on the two walls, I can be more flexible.

I added the cards I had of the players who I didn’t reach yet in the reverse chronological order I was using at the old place including ones that are mostly jut placeholders until I purchase a better representative card.

I now can look for cards from every year which will lead, I assume, to finding better deals on cards as no specific order needs to be adhered to. I will still try for a player’s first card until it becomes too expensive for my budget whereby I will look for alternatives.

Here are some images of the new wall. As you will see there are many empty screw-downs. But it makes the challenge much more fun as you can see the collection’s development each time you enter the room.


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