Spotlight on Oddballs: 1995 Jimmy Dean

1995 Jimmy Dean All Time Greats

1995 Jimmy Dean All Time Greats

The 1995 Jimmy Dean set is the 4th year the sausage company produced a set of baseball cards (1991-1995 excluding the 1994 strike year). It would also be its last. The 1995 set was its smallest of its regular sets (1991 had 25 cards, 1992 had 18 cards and 1993 had 28 cards). It was also the first time they produced a set involving retired players as well as having autograph versions of some of those cards (3 of the 6 cards).

The card fronts were border-less with a white framing line just on the inside of the four edges. The top-right (or left) identified the set (a graphic design stating “1995 All Time Greats Collector’s Set” was printed on each card). The bottom left (or right) featured the Jimmy Dean logo with the name of the player below).

The backs of the cards had the same two graphics as the front, both at the top, with the player’s accomplishments and personal information in list form as well as a short baseball biography and career stat-line below. The backs also have a framing line but this time it was in gold.

The cards were not sanctioned by Major League Baseball so all MLB logos were airbrushed away.

Included in specially marked packages of sausages were one plastic-wrapped card from the set as well as an autograph offer form. With $7.00 and two proofs of purchase you could choose one of the three autographed cards (Al Kaline, Billy Williams, or Catfish Hunter).

The autographed cards were the regular cards with the player signature on the front in blue ink. Along with the card itself you also received a Certificate of Authenticity card.

The 1995 Jimmy Dean set was not very popular with collectors and Jimmy Dean stopped producing cards after this set was issued. The set was too small to pose a challenge for collectors. It featured retired players rather than the star players of the time. Even the signature cards, the best part about the set, were mostly ignored. They still sell at the lower range of signature card prices so if you are a fan of any of the three players and are on a limited budget these cards may interest you.

Probably the most enjoyable way to collect this set would be to include it as part of a Jimmy Dean master collection where you would search out all the Jimmy Dean cards from 1991 onward. Where this set has only six cards, nine with the auto cards, the complete Jimmy Dean Collection is 104 cards, a much more challenging pursuit. Here are the sets you would need:

  1. 1991 Jimmy Dean – 25 cards
  2. 1992 Jimmy Dean – 18 cards
  3. 1992 Jimmy Dean Living Legends – 6 cards
  4. 1992 Jimmy Dean Rookie Stars – 9 cards
  5. 1993 Jimmy Dean – 28 cards
  6. 1993 Jimmy Dean Rookies – 9 cards
  7. 1995 Jimmy Dean All Time Greats  – 6 cards (+3 Auto’s)

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