Buying Locally vs. eBay

eBay can be a great place to find sports cards. Especially if you buy in bulk. Individual cards are difficult to justify as reasonably priced since shipping costs (certainly to Canada) are high. With bulk you save on shipping because it is spaced over a larger amount of cards. eBay is also somewhat good for finding cards that are difficult to find locally. But again you will be paying a premium with the shipping costs.

If you are like me, sometimes it is better to look locally for cards. Kijiji can be a great place to look. If you are not a novice, and therefore can easily spot ripoff artists that frequent sites like Kijiji, then the place can be a treasure trove for sports cards. And you have no shipping costs.

For me, today was a perfect example. I picked up over 10,000 cards for $100.00. They are from a collection that a daughter inherited from her father. Because the cards just reminded her if her deceased dad, she wanted them out of her house a.s.a.p. and was willing to almost give them away. i like surprises so I just quickly looked over a couple of the boxes and knew the cards were worth much more than a c-note.

Half the fun of going through cards is not knowing exactly what you have.¬†you never know what you might find. And if it turns out to be just cards you already have in your collection they can be used to trade for cards you don’t have. A winning situation no matter how you look at it.

Here is the stack:

10,000 for $100.00

10,000 for $100.00

If there is anything worth mentioning, I will add a part two to this article. Let the hunt begin…



The Craziness That Is Kijiji


Kijiji Logo

Kijiji Logo

So I’m looking on Kijiji a couple weeks ago for baseball cards in the city I live. It’s good to check out Kijiji as sometimes you can get lucky and find cards at bargain basement prices and not worry about the cost of shipping. For example, I purchased five super boxes of cards plus five complete sets, all from 1985 to 1993 for $50.00 a couple months ago. It was over 20k cards and helped complete sets i was missing individual cards from. I also picked up five rookie and traded sets from Score from 1985 to 1989 for $20.00 last week.

But that’s not the main reason for this post. You ever notice that with the occasional bargain you find, you have to put up with guys who think their collections are worth more than their house and rarer than a Shoeless Joe Jackson autograph? And their cards are inevitably from the 1986- 1992 time period, the most overproduced era of baseball cards.

Here is an example of what I speak:

86 LEAF-DUNROSS BASEBALL “MINT-MINT!!!unopened/ 18 cents a card!

Baseball season is just around the corner …This is a LOT of 12 ( SUPER MINT CONDITION ) manufacturer sealed packs of the 86 Dunruss baseball cards ( there are NONE out there in better condition !!!!!).. The price works out to 17.5 cents a card ( based on the fact of how many cards are in each of the factory sealed packs ! JUST TRIED COUNTING them with a magnifying glass & it seems to come to 57 cards each pack )…PROFIT TO BE MADE !!! to the right, smart person into this …see the pictures … Check my other 5 pages of ads here on Kijiji too!! Might be something else you’ve been looking for..thanks

Yes that is right $120.00 for a complete set of 1986 Donruss for God’s sake.

I emailed the guy because I was interested in the set. I informed him that he had a complete set of ’86 Donruss that came from a factory set box. Donruss sealed the cards in cellophane inside a factory sealed box. Each of the 12 sealed groups contained 55 cards to come to a total of 660 cards. The factory set also included the Diamond King puzzle cards of Hank Aaron which he did not have. With both the sealed box and the Aaron puzzle inside the factory set, the package sells in the $25 to $40 dollar range. Since his has only the cards I offered him $20.00.

eBay Listing for 1986 Donruss Factory Sets

eBay Listing for 1986 Donruss Factory Sets

He replied, “I would rather give the whole set away for free with my car as a bonus than sell these cards for that price.” So I returned by saying, “Well you can keep the car but what time should I go by your place to pick up the free cards?” That’s when he lost it. Whenever you point out a person’s obvious lack of knowledge for selling something higher than what it’s worth, or on the other hand not so much his lack of knowledge but his obvious plan to try and rip off some schmuck who doesn’t know much about what he is buying, the person always gets angry at you.

I finally replied, “Dude your ad has been posted and reposed for the last 6 months on Kijiji. No one wants your cards except me. They are baseball cards, not hockey, you live in Canada not New York, and the cards are very common to find and are nothing special. When you decide to get your head out of your ass, send me an email and I will still buy them off you for $20.00.”

He gave me a final reply that included more expletives than regular words and we haven’t conversed since.

Although you can find lots of bargains on Kijiji, you better watch out and research the stuff you want to buy before you purchase it, otherwise you might pay $120.00 for a set of ’86 Donruss cards.

Before I leave you, here is an even more blatant example of a person trying to rip-off an ignorant public. I took a screen shot of five offerings he posted:

Kijiji Baseball Card Ads

Kijiji Baseball Card Ads

Not only did he get the year of the cards incorrect (they are from 1991 not 1990), he misleads people that Johnson was a Mariner before an Expo, when the exact opposite is true. Anyone who collects baseball cards knows these 1991 Donruss and Upper Deck cards are practically worthless. They were overproduced and if they would ever get sold, it would be for pennies not multiple dollars.